KPMG Budget 2017 Calculator App

For Budget 2017, Tuesday 11th October, we've launched a new, faster, more complete app - for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Download for iPhone
KPMG App running on iPad and iPhone

A better, faster app

Using the new app has a number of benefits:

  • Web browser access
    No app store download needed
  • Automatic enhancements
    No need to visit an app store for latest versions
  • Speed
    Improved performance on most connections
  • Greater range of content
    Including video on iPhone
  • Deleting old versions of the KPMG Budget app
    Press and hold a finger on the icon for the app until a cross/‘X’ appears and delete the app by tapping on that cross/‘X’.

Add the new app to your home screen

Safari instructions for iPad and iPhone

Just follow the instructions when you first go to the app to pin to your home screen.